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We have officially moved! Click to see where we are now!
We have officially moved! Click to see where we are now!
Celebrating is about sharing, telling stories, talking. It's about eating a piece of cake that a friend made for you, having a glass of wine or savoring a cup of coffee. It's that unknown sensation that doesn't let you get up from the table after eating. It's much more than just placing silverware and plates on a table, it's creating an ambience, a style, a sensation, an unforgettable memory.

Thursday, May 5, 2011


From Vietnam in Tribeca NYC

Grilled shrimp wrapped around sugar cane with angel hair noodles

Shrimp dumplings wrapped in banana leaves

The place is very simple not trendy at all, I was tired and I wanted a quiet meal where I could have a pleasant conversation with not much fuss around me.
What could be best than Vietnamese cuisine.. it's like a peaceful meal, healthy and fresh. I love the combination and taste of mint, basil and lemongrass.
I liked the Banh La, they are very thin shrimp dumplings almost like a paper wrapped in banana leaves, very delicate because of their thin texture and flavor. It came with a nice sauce almost like a tamarind vinaigrette.
The Chao Tom, are grilled shrimp wrapped around a sugar cane with a peanut sauce, they must be great to order for delivery or for an exotic dinner party at home. 
I am not much of a meat eater but Laura order the Bo Lui and it was really good, grilled spiced sirloin. They have green papaya salad with roasted peanuts, coconut rice crepe filled with shrimps and bean sprouts and grilled eggplants with ginger and lime which I liked too.
The menu is very affordable and service very friendly.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Its looks soo good ! :love viet food .

Now I need o have something with that flavor !
Thanks for the tip.


elmundodelola said...

I am tempted to cook the shrimp dumplings myself in the same way, very thin wrapped on the banana leaves