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We have officially moved! Click to see where we are now!
We have officially moved! Click to see where we are now!
Celebrating is about sharing, telling stories, talking. It's about eating a piece of cake that a friend made for you, having a glass of wine or savoring a cup of coffee. It's that unknown sensation that doesn't let you get up from the table after eating. It's much more than just placing silverware and plates on a table, it's creating an ambience, a style, a sensation, an unforgettable memory.

Friday, June 3, 2011


A food hall of Mario Batali, Joe Bastianichand & Lidia Matticchio  a food lovers marketplace  of Italian delicatessens. I went on a Saturday, the place was crowed, we couldn't find a table to sit at. It's a foodie place to wonder around or meet a friend to have some tasting and a little shopping, the location is on 200 5th Avenue in NYC.

You can shop, taste and savour. They have boutique eateries of handmade pasta, cheeses, wines, meats, fish, cured meats, breads, fruits, vegetables and of course italian coffee. It also has a selection of Rizzoli books and kitchenware. You can have a glass of wine while you are shopping and have a taste of mortadella from Bologna or  just seat down and eat fresh oysters.

They cook what they sell in the store, so you can decide for the rosticceria, il pecsce, pizza & pasta, gelateria or have a panini with mozarella di bufala and prosciutto di Parma.
They also have a culinary  experience called, La Scuola di Eataly which is a cooking school with classes by the chef Lidia Bastianich.


Becka (The Elegant Eggplant) said...

I LOVE EATALY!!!! i posted about it a few weeks ago as well.. its the best :)

Britne @ Shabbott's Habits said...

Oh! I've been wanting to get down to Eataly for some time now. Definitely on my to-do list this summer!