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We have officially moved! Click to see where we are now!
We have officially moved! Click to see where we are now!
Celebrating is about sharing, telling stories, talking. It's about eating a piece of cake that a friend made for you, having a glass of wine or savoring a cup of coffee. It's that unknown sensation that doesn't let you get up from the table after eating. It's much more than just placing silverware and plates on a table, it's creating an ambience, a style, a sensation, an unforgettable memory.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Oxley's Carvery

Located in NoLita is a traditional British carvery take- out in Manhattan.

Everybody is very  friendly with a good attitude to help in your request, they serve from Northern England, a Yorkshire flavor of fresh roasted carved meats.

For the meat lover they have juicy and tender roasted meats: beef, pork, turkey, lamb, ham, sausages, corned beef, ribs...... Perfect to take to a picnic or to take home for a lazy weekend, they also do local deliveries for the neighborhood. They have veggies sides that they call Prince Edward Vegetables, roasted potatoes, broccoli, carrots and corn on the cob. For gravies: cranberry sauce, homemade stuffing even harissa. And of course Yorkshire pudding.

Their sandwiches are great, any cannibal man would be happy having them. They are substantial & delicious, unless you are vegetarian of course. They offer combinations like pork with apple and garlic aioli, lamb with mint sauce, beef with horseradish cream and turkey with cranberry sauce.

The shop is the one on the left with the blue and white striped shade, just by walking in front you just can feel the aromas of the herbs, meats and juices a kind of early thanksgiving flavor  in the air. There are no places to sit, just a bench outside in case you just want to bite a slice of Britain in Nolita.

Next time you go to Central Park for a picnic, this will be a good option to fill your basket.


Anonymous said...

What a fun post - and you take really great pictures! I love discovering hidden treasures where I live. I live in the south - far, FAR away from NYC....but there is this tiny hole-in-the-wall that makes the best fried chicken....

Chic & Gorgeous Treats said...

Hi Lola! Thanks for adding me in Foodbuzz. So nice to meet another New Yorker. Gosh I'm certainly a meet-a-holic. Hahahah... I wonder when can I finally visit NYC. Gotta really see this Big Apple for myself. Am following you.. feel free to follow me back if you like. Do pop by for a visit and buzz me. Cheers, Jo.

Simply Life said...

looks like a fun place to visit!

Parsley Sage said...

That's a super cool place! I try to make it to NYC at least once a year...this is going on my list (for the meat lover in me!) :)

lisa is cooking said...

A carvery in Manhattan--that's great! Great idea for a picnic too.

Lizzy said...

LOL, my cannibal man would certainly love this spot. Thanks for the recommendation :)

Lola Lobato said...

It's a tiny hidden place for meat lovers ready for take out, picnic, home, work even for a bite on the street.

Ruth said...

This carvery looks fantastic! Yum!