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We have officially moved! Click to see where we are now!
Celebrating is about sharing, telling stories, talking. It's about eating a piece of cake that a friend made for you, having a glass of wine or savoring a cup of coffee. It's that unknown sensation that doesn't let you get up from the table after eating. It's much more than just placing silverware and plates on a table, it's creating an ambience, a style, a sensation, an unforgettable memory.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Summer tea time mini sandwiches

These are some of my favorites tea time little sandwiches to have  at home, take it to a picnic or just to find an excuse to have a get together with my friends. These are turkey sandwiches with mango chutney, I just spread one slice of bread with mayo and in the other mango chutney and added slices of smoked turkey.

I always love the cucumber sandwiches, the secret is to peel and thinly slice the cucumbers, usually I do it with a potato peeler and  sprinkle them  with salt and little vinegar and leave to drain for a while about half an hour and place it on a sieve to remove any excess of juices from the cucumber. Spread the butter on thin bread slices, add layers of cucumber and close it  by pressing with your hands. Cover them with a lightly wet tea towel until you are ready to serve them.

I have many recipes for tuna sandwiches, but this one is very nice. I chopped a shallot in to very small dices, chopped a small bunch of parsley and grated a lemon peel. In a bowl I mixed the tuna all ready drained with  all the ingredients chopped and one spoon of  the tiny capers. In an other bowl I mixed mayo with a little olive tapenade ( you could make it or buy it already made) and  added salt and pepper. Now I mixed both mixture and placed it into the refrigerator until it's ready to use it.

For the egg salad sandwiches I also have many recipes that I keep changing depending in what I have when I am going to make it , yesterday a friend of mine called me from a tea room telling me what she was eating and how much she was enjoying it and thinking about the time she was living in England as I did while I was a student. So immediately after the telephone conversation I started preparing little sandwiches for a late snack follow with a cup of tea.
I boiled four eggs, chopped the shallot into tiny dices. The egg yolk I mixed with a little dijon mustard, olive oil, few drops of worcestershire sauce, salt and pepper. I chop  very small the white of the boiled  egg  and mixed it with the chopped shallot, I added half a pickle and one cornichon  diced very small and added a few spoons of mayonnaise to mix  it all together. I spread onto thinly sliced buttered white bread and pressed the slices removing the crust. Everybody loves them! 

For the chicken sandwiches I cut in small cubes from a chicken breast all ready cooked and tossed with a thinly sliced celery and chopped walnuts. In an other bowl I stirred mayonnaise with a teaspoon of curry power, salt and pepper. I combined all and spreaded it on sliced  butted white bread, trimmed off  the crust and cut into triangles.
I just need to have scones with Devon cream & jam to remember the afternoon teas on summer at Brighton country side...

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Christine's Pantry said...

I like this. Thanks for sharing.

Anne@frommysweetheart said...

Your tea sandwiches are lovely! I love tea time and tea parties. I am used to sweet treats with tea; though I think I'd really enjoy trying your savory versions! : )

Tina said...

Now I am definitely ready for tea time. Your sandwiches look so elegant and tasty. Nice flavors-I would love to eat any of these. Yum!

Lilly said...

What a great mini sandwich selection! They all look so pretty and delicious!

Rachel @ My Naturally Frugal Family said...

I love tea sandwiches. So beautiful and dainty when presented...just begging to be eaten with a cup of tea (or coffee).

Lizzy said...

These all sound amazing, but I especially like your twist on tuna salad....mmmmmm.

Chic & Gorgeous Treats said...

This is delish Lola. And I really like the sound of it too. Mini sandwiches with tea. So very English.. and what a good way to have a break and catch on some reading or just plain catch up session. Btw, I've tagged you in my Seven Links in my latest blogpost. Do stop over.



violeta said...

Lola wonderful idea to share with friends. Easy to prepare and elegant. I really miss your "calas". First time that I tried it was at your house on your B-day. Sandwich with asparagus and mayo.Rebeca prepared it as a surprise for you.Just thinking on it makes me feel like to prepare it again.

Lola Lobato said...

Leny!!! I remember the Calas, long time ago....we haven't done it since them, of course we have to recreate them again. The sandwich looks like a flower, on a thin slice of white bread spread one side with mayonnaise and the other with butter folded diagonally and with a asparagus placed inside. It will look like the flower Calla Lily. Good times and memories.

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Getting a Restaurant Job said...

The sandwiches looks so delicious except for cucumber sandwich I really don't like cucumber I just used it for my eyes :D

Sarah said...

L O V E.

Magic of Spice said...

These are all wonderful...I adore cucumber sandwiches and those are the prettiest egg salad sandwiches ever!

Ezra said...

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